Funny to think i almost lost a friend over nothing. How awesome my life is.

I can scratch the surface but never go deep enough, i can appreciate the view but never reach the bottom, i can aquire the pills but never seem to take enough to cure the pain. But what i can do, really well, is fail.

Things are startin to get to be too much again :’(

Wish i could clone myself, then there would be two lonely people who would want the company and i would never bother anyone else again. Mind you if you dont like yourself, pretty sure cloning would be a bad idea.

Feel so unbelievably broken right now

Sometimes you just need that one person who can see through your charade, forgive it even and just hug you and tell you its all gonna be ok. But perhaps thats an awfully big thing to ask for.

I just want it to end, i dont care how anymore. Cant keep fighting the losing battle.

A woman laughed with her friend the other day, not a silly laugh, a genuine happy heart felt laugh. And when i heard it i wanted to kill her. It was in that moment that i realised not only have i forgotten what that feels like, i envy those who havent. When did i become this person, and why can i not be rid of them.