I am happy so long as I keep looking outward. Which technically I suppose means I’m lieing to myself. But at the moment I think that’s just gonna have to do.

Sometimes i look at my life and i wonder why i’m still bothering, and then other times i simply try not to think about it.

Is clearly not the person i wanted to be, seeing as not one person seems to appreciate me or even want me around. Must be for a reason.

Funny to think i almost lost a friend over nothing. How awesome my life is.

I can scratch the surface but never go deep enough, i can appreciate the view but never reach the bottom, i can aquire the pills but never seem to take enough to cure the pain. But what i can do, really well, is fail.

Things are startin to get to be too much again :’(

Wish i could clone myself, then there would be two lonely people who would want the company and i would never bother anyone else again. Mind you if you dont like yourself, pretty sure cloning would be a bad idea.

Feel so unbelievably broken right now